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Sakura Martial Arts, founded by Clare Potter and Natasha Barlow who together have over 30 years Martial Arts experience both practicing and teaching, Shotokan Karate for ages 4 years upwards.

A supportive, whilst focused training environment, you will be tutored and coached through the Japanese Art from beginner to experienced practitioner. Classes have been designed for all abilities, with specific classes for Karate Kidz age 4-7 and open classes for age 8 and above.

Clare and Natasha have trained with the best, Brian Jacks and Bill “Superfoot” Wallace and can be often seen delivering seminars across the UK. Their wealth of knowledge and most importantly a passion for Martial Arts has lead to this new beginning. A Martial Arts group with family values.

Natasha grew up around martial arts and in particular Judo, she later went on to train in Muay Thai & Karate. A keen athlete, she regularly trains for Triathlon and competes in Ironman competitions her most recent in 2018. Natasha’s mantra is to always have fun, after all, you only live once.


Natasha competing at the 2018 Outlaw Ironman (ably supported by her nephew & greatest fan)


Clare, a published author, tells of her journey into Karate and gives an honest insight into the struggles she has overcome to lead a fulfilling life at home and in the dojo. Not a superhero, model or a fitness fanatic, just ‘A Real Woman in Karate’.


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Cherry Blossom.

Why we chose this name.

The significance of the cherry blossom in Japanese culture has gone back hundreds of years.

The cherry blossom tree has deep roots that withstand the hardest of what life can throw at it and still every year it blooms albeit a short period. The Cherry blossom flower due to its short life span is often seen as a reminder of the fragility and beauty of life. Live a good and happy life to the fullest for it can be fleeting.

A lot of the Japanese artwork displayed will feature the Sakura alongside a Samurai warrior. 
Ancient Samurai warriors followed a strict moral and ethical code which was fuelled by discipline, honour, and respect. Bushido “Way of the warrior” the way in which they lived their life.
The reason believed the Sakura and samurai are linked is because the Samurai spent most of their lives seeking their martial spirit and technique, they were such loyal warriors to their masters they often died with honour protecting them and their beliefs, therefore, making their lives short and fleeting much like the cherry blossom.

Although the Sakura flower can also be seen as a metaphor for mortality with this comes with rejuvenation, optimism and a new beginning. 
Here at Sakura like the Cherry Blossom, we have strong roots and strong moral code. We work hard and are very loyal to one another showing nothing but respect in and out of the dojo. Live life to the fullest, work hard and enjoy your life and those around you. Spend time with people who give you strong roots and you will bloom.

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